Gary Myers

Relationship Director

telephone 0333 443 1066 or 07952 807171


  • UK-wide


  • Professional connections relationship management

Works with:

  • Collaboratively with professional connections in accountancy, law and tax.


Gary’s primary role at Investment & Retirement Solutions Ltd is to help look after our relationships with accountants and solicitors.

He is always happy to speak with any individual or firm to discuss Investment & Retirement Solutions’ services and how we can add value to your business or your clients’ circumstances.

Gary stopped counting his vast financial services experience at 30 years, but won’t tell anyone how long ago this was. His encyclopedic financial services knowledge comes from many years holding senior positions with several major financial institutions.

When not infecting all around him with his abundant enthusiasm and positivity, Gary enjoys watching football and recharging whilst walking or cycling in the countryside



This member of staff is NOT authorised to provide regulated financial advice

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