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Sam is one of the rare people who has worked in all three key areas of a financial services: administration, paraplanning and advising. After 18 months as a client facing adviser, Sam realised she was happier utilising her skills and experience as a paraplanner.

Most clients aren’t familiar with the term ‘paraplanner’. In our context, a paraplanner is a qualified member of the team who prepares the detailed client analysis and research that the adviser requires for their client reports.

For over 20 years, most of Sam’s spare time has been absorbed by her daughters. Having recently become a grandmother Sam is excitedly looking forward to the cycle repeating.

A Mancunian, Sam’s guilty pleasure is football (the Mancunian ‘blue’ type). Some would argue Sam is a passionate season ticket holding fan, others suggest borderline obsession. The important facts to remember are Sam’s favourite colour is sky-blue and Manchester City always deserve to win.


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