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"Transparency is key; we think it's really important that our clients know exactly what they're being charged and what they'll get in return"

There has never been a free lunch:

Commissions were banned from the sale of investment and pension solutions many years ago. That didn’t bother our independent financial planners who had moved to transparent, agreed fees much earlier. 

We underwrite the cost of your initial meeting, because, it’s as important to us as it should be to you that we spend some time getting to know a potential client, making sure that we’re a good fit for each other and that we’ll be able to have an effective working relationship.

Sometimes we’ll decide that we’re not the best independent financial adviser for a client, or, we’ll determine that a full, formal advice process is not suitable for your circumstances. If that’s the case, then whenever we can, we’ll offer informal guidance, drawing from our professional expertise, at no cost to you. 

We charge for our professional services like analysing your situation, understanding the financial solutions you’ve already got, researching solutions, negotiating value for money for you, as well as implementing your financial plan and providing our ‘review and improve’ service.

Whilst as Independent Financial Advisers we’re not allowed to be paid by product providers (that would prejudice our independence), we can usually arrange for fees that you’ve agreed to be paid by your financial products.

We will not do any work that we expect to be paid for unless we have already discussed and agreed with you exactly what we’re going to do, when we’re going to do it by and how much it’s going to cost.

VAT is not currently charged to professional fees charged in ‘anticipation of financial mediation’, which means we’re currently VAT free.

We know it’s difficult to put a price on the benefit of the peace of mind that comes from having a trusted adviser monitoring your investments, making  sure they’re on track to help you achieve your financial happiness, but remember, our interests our aligned (we don’t prosper if our clients don’t prosper) and we’re in it for the long term, side by side, supporting you throughout.

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