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  • England
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales


  • Specialist or Generalist financial planners

Works with:

  • Private clients
  • SME Business owners
  • Trusts
  • Collaboratively with professional connections in accountancy, law and tax.

The bad news:

We’re not actively recruiting

The good news:

If the “right” person approaches, then we will switch immediately into recruitment mode.

What does the ‘right’ person look like?

Of course, we prefer CAS, a library of qualifications, relevant and up-to-date CPD and a valid SPS. But our most important tests are:

  1. “Would I trust this person with my mum?” and;
  2. What is your level of ‘conscious incompetence’?

The latter test we see as a positive; as general financial practitioners, it’s impossible to know everything. Medicine is a good analogy; when a client visits their GP, the doctor isn’t afraid of ordering some tests, checking a textbook or referring to a specialist colleague. We expect our advisers to operate in the same manner. 

We prize ethics, honesty and quality more than turnover and the ONLY targets we impose are based on qualitative measures, not production.

You need to be reasonably tech-literate, our infrastructure is digital, based around established systems such as Intelligent Office, but we’ve also got some rather more exclusive digital tools. Of course, the advantage of our digital office means you can work from anywhere with a secure internet connection so don’t need to limit yourself to a fixed physical base.

We have NO interest in prima-donnas, the self-centred and non-team players joining our happy and helpful team.

We’re interested in talking with self-supporting financial advisers who may be warming up, in the zone, or winding down. Our adviser contract works for all with exceptionally low retention, the recognition that you own your goodwill, a great technology platform that really does save you hours, and a whole-of-market exit strategy.


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