Earth Day 2021

Earth Day is a global annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by This Earth Day we’ve been deluged with various announcements from different world leaders about their new environmental targets, one can’t but […]

Reflections: Green Finance

Green finance is a thing, but what is it all about? We thought we’d share some reflections: Unless you’re a purist, “green finance” can generally be accepted to identify asset or debt investment in instruments which have a ‘green’ (environmental, combating climate change, anti-pollution) focus. “Sustainability” pushes the definition further and generally signifies an investment in […]


We’re offline today, but available on the telephone for anything urgent. Back tomorrow as usual

COVID update – VE DAY

VE DAY +75 To provide greater access during the COVID lockdown, we’re manning our ‘phones and video-chat facilities until late afternoon today, the VE DAY 75 bank holiday

We’re working through coronavirus

Extreme market volatility and the anxieties of the coronavirus COVID-19 create the perfect storm during which current and future clients need the support of trusted, Independent Financial Advisers. Our business resilience plan is now in operation and we aim to maintain our response times and service levels during these challenging times when our clients need […]

Worried about coronavirus or climate change?

With increasing public concern about the transmission (spreading) of covid19 coronavirus and heightened awareness of the global climate crises we thought we’d remind current and prospective clients that we’re happy to ‘meet’ in the virtual world using an assortment of video conferencing tools which allow live sharing of documents and whist also being to look […]

measure, take profit, cut losses, reinvest

Our Ransom Hall head office is located in Ransom Wood, part of historic Sherwood Forest. A perk of working here is the ability to step out of the office straight into nature which we’ve done today. We took this photo a little deeper in #sherwoodforest, an area called #sherwoodpines. These trees weren’t felled last week […]

Your savings, investments and pensions CAN make a difference for a better world

Everyday #savings, #investments and #pensions CAN make a difference: The UK government (@DFID_UK) “Investing in a Better World” survey sampled a nationally representative sample of 6,000 people to find out more about the UK’s interest in investing in ways which also achieve the @GlobalGoalsUN 17 sustainable development goals and found the majority of UK consumers […]

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