Pension access from 55 to increase

In  2014 the government announced that the ability to access schemes such as personal pensions would be subject to a general restriction of no earlier than ten years before prevailing state retirement age. Whilst the framework for this established was established in legislation, the start date has been conspicuously missing, although with planned increases in […]

How coronavirus might burst the tech bubble

A handful of technology companies have benefited from coronavirus. Amazon has profited handsomely, as have streaming and video conferencing platforms like Netflix and Zoom. But the pandemic has laid bare the shaky foundations of a number of other platforms that bill themselves as technology companies and have enjoyed the high valuations that come with this label. […]

Record UK borrowing

For the first time in 57 years, UK government borrowing (the national debt) exceeds the national gross domestic product (GDP) having reached a high of over £103,000,000,000, some 100.9% of UK GDP. Government statisticians predict that public sector borrowing hit £55.3billion in May, almost nine times more than in May 2019 and the highest level […]

coronavirus financial concerns

Aegon research highlights financial concerns over coronavirus Aegon has launched a tracker survey to better understand how savers and investors are behaving as a result of the coronavirus and the ensuing market volatility. The survey* of more than 1,100 consumers, conducted at the end of March, shows that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is […]

Happy Easter

OK, so we’re all working from home, but as it has been rather hectic and very unusual few weeks we’re going to treat ourselves to a long weekend to recharge our batteries. We’ll be back on Tuesday ready to help our clients. Until then, #HappyEaster and remember to #StayHome #ProtectTheNHS

Worried about coronavirus or climate change?

With increasing public concern about the transmission (spreading) of covid19 coronavirus and heightened awareness of the global climate crises we thought we’d remind current and prospective clients that we’re happy to ‘meet’ in the virtual world using an assortment of video conferencing tools which allow live sharing of documents and whist also being to look […]

We’re on Instagram

Events within the Royal household over the last few weeks have drawn our attention to the rapid growth in Instagram as a communication tool. So, we thought we’d join in and give Instagram a go ourselves. We hope you find this useful. Check us out at

10 today

It’s our birthday today, a whole decade of serving clients and our local communities. Thank you for being there. Here’s looking forward to the next decade!

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