Unfortunately the Investment & Retirement Solutions Ltd ‘great unlocking’ has had some unintended consequences as 30% of our independent financial advisers and 50% of our primary administration team have become obliged to self-isolate following NHS COVID 19 app “ping” notifications. As of Monday 26th July, our Head Office at Ransom Hall will not be attended […]

COVID Secure Meetings

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 12th July confirming “Freedom Day” and having had the opportunity to review the proposed guidance and rules published by the governments of the three nations, we’re excitedly looking forward to being able to meet with clients face-to-face from Monday 19th July. However, having consulted all of the available […]

Freedom Day?

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced the intent for Step 4 of the easing of lockdown restrictions to be decided on 12th July, and if a positive decision, to take effect from 19th July, referred to in the press of “Freedom Day”. At the time of writing (6th July), it seems highly probable that our business […]

Getting Jabbed

Investment & Retirement Solutions Ltd are delighted to report that every member of our team has now received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination and that some have received their second dose. We are hoping to exploit the summer months for outside meetings whilst our understanding of the “new normal” develops. We take our […]

Can’t Pay? They’ll Take It Away

A little over a year ago, the Chancellor COVID loans (fixed rate Bounce Back Loans and variable interest Covid Business Interruption Business Loans) promised competitive interest rates and no repayments for the first 12 months. The first of the debts are now due to receive at least interest repayments, but more likely also capital repayments. […]

COVID update

On Thursday, the UK government approved the first stage of lockdown easing. “Step one” of the government’s lockdown easing schedule will formally begin on Monday when the legal “stay at home” gets superseded by “stay local” guidance. We also note that the emergency powers vested in the government by Coronavirus Act 2020 have rolled over […]


Whilst our outlook for the latter part of 2021 remains very positive, like many readers of this COVID UPDATE we do have a sense of déjà vu. However, along with the sense of “here, we go again“, we enter this lockdown with (1) a much better understanding of how our clients will need our support, (2) […]

The WHO playbook

Many of you let us know how you appreciated us giving some webspace to support the World Health Organisation’s “Mr Bean” public health messaging of June (click here to view). As the festive period approaches, we know that most of our clients, friends and families find their traditional plans under immense pressure, but most still […]

National Lockdown #2

This evening the Prime Minister has announced a national lockdown commencing on Thursday 5th November. At the time of writing our situation is: Head Office – Regional Tier 3 (Very High Alert) status Administration Centre – Regional Tier 2 (High Alert) status – moving into Regional Tier 3 (Very High Alert Status) on Monday 2nd […]

COVID status update

We have undertaken another COVID Secure review. As part of our COVID Secure review we have noted that service levels from product & investment providers seem to be improving with many of our outstanding enquiries now being resolved. However, we understand that most of providers are only returning a skeleton staff to their office space […]

COVID Update

As lockdown restrictions become more relaxed across the three nations we continue to review our COVID Secure status. We know several of our clients and some of our team have suffered from the coronavirus. We know several clients and a member of our team have lost someone very close to them because of the coronavirus. […]

2nd wave fears

We started 2020 predicting a ‘choppy year’ for investors as we left the EU and entered the transitional period; whilst Russia and Saudi Arabia fought a ‘war-of-words’ (the collateral damage was global oil prices); the backdrop of a Presidential twitter account having the potential to yo-yo anything, anywhere, leading up to the US election later […]

Leicester Lockdown

As Leicester and Leicestershire go into our first large-scale local lockdown, we thought we’d shout “hi” to all our clients and a key member of our team, who are going to be affected. Whilst we can’t do anything about lockdown, remember we’re here to support you via the phone or video conference. If you have […]

WHO Mr Bean

We wouldn’t usually host material from other organisations on our website, but the World Health Organisation is just “another organisation.” Whilst the following messaging is serious, rather than the usual doom and gloom, we appreciate Mr Bean as the delivery agent. Released yesterday, the World Health Organisation say ” With cases of COVID-19 continuing to […]

COVID update: “COVID Secure”

In accordance with government guidance ( we have revised and updated our “COVID Secure” policies. For now, we are continuing our policy of NOT receiving visitors in any of our office locations. Visits to meet clients at their home or work premises remain suspended with all meetings being conducted via video-conferencing or by telephone. We […]

COVID update – VE DAY

VE DAY +75 To provide greater access during the COVID lockdown, we’re manning our ‘phones and video-chat facilities until late afternoon today, the VE DAY 75 bank holiday

Expert help in difficult times – Emergency Financial Advice

If you are over the age of 50 and concerned or anxious about your pension or other aspects of your personal finances because of the coronavirus crises you should speak to a financial adviser. We are offering a free initial discussion with a regulated financial adviser. Book a call now at WHAT IS EMERGENCY […]

coronavirus financial concerns

Aegon research highlights financial concerns over coronavirus Aegon has launched a tracker survey to better understand how savers and investors are behaving as a result of the coronavirus and the ensuing market volatility. The survey* of more than 1,100 consumers, conducted at the end of March, shows that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is […]

Happy New Tax Year

There is a lot of doom around at the moment, but, even though we’re working from home, we thought we’d remind everyone that today is the beginning of the new tax year and the exciting opportunities that brings to your financial planning. Don’t leave things until the last minute, get in touch now!

COVID Update 6 April

Due to COVID-19 our offices are closed and we are not conducting physical meetings with clients. However, we still here, working from home, conducting client meetings by telephone and video conference. Contact us for more details.

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