The Queen’s Speech

As financial planners, it’s important that we have a finely tuned radar that constantly sweeps the horizon for opportunities and threats to our clients financial well-being. Today’s Queen’s Speech whilst lacking the usual pomp and circumstance still provides some useful insight into likely future government policy: IMPROVING RIGHTS FOR RENTERS (Decreasing benefits for landlords?) The […]

Will your pension last?

Standard Life Aberdeen (SLA) has published a “Class of 2021” report, based on a survey of 2000 adults who plan to retire within 12 months. SLA found that almost two in five (37%) of people who are close to retirement have accelerated retirement due to the coronavirus pandemic, but worryingly also identified that two thirds […]

Minimum Pension Age

In our article of 30th September, we reminded readers of the 2014 government announcement that the access to schemes such as personal pensions would be subject to a general restriction of no earlier than ten years before prevailing state retirement age. Whilst the framework for this was established in legislation, the start date has been […]

Rolls Royce

Investment & Retirement Solutions are proud to count a number of former and current Rolls Royce employees among our clients. Whilst our Rolls Royce clients are dispersed around the UK (and further afield), we have significant concentrations around Rolls Royce’s historically important Hucknall and Derby sites. Rolls Royce announced a fundamental restructuring in 2018 and […]

Pension access from 55 to increase

In  2014 the government announced that the ability to access schemes such as personal pensions would be subject to a general restriction of no earlier than ten years before prevailing state retirement age. Whilst the framework for this established was established in legislation, the start date has been conspicuously missing, although with planned increases in […]

Red Card!

Spurious correlations? We spend a lot of time looking at numbers and the relationship between different sets of data, that’s part of our job. Sadly it gets addictive and we’re always open to new interesting datasets and the curious correlations they show. For example, did you know that in the US State of Maine, there […]

Inheritance tax & ill-health pensions

Yesterday, 19th August, the Supreme Court handed down a judgement on case known to pension professionals as “Staveley” (HM Revenue & Customs v Parry & Orrs). It has been established practice, and HMRC’s Inheritance Tax Manual is explicit that details of any pension transfers within two years prior to death should be reported on IHT409 […]

Nothing as safe as bricks n mortar..?

Our bias against direct investment into property funds based on independent financial adviser recommendation, other than for clients who can afford an extended long term property position remains in place. Back in 2007, a long standing but uncharacteristic property fund bull run started to unwind as professional investors realised that the ‘old rule’ of property […]

Norton motorcycles pension scheme

Investment & Retirement Solutions Chartered Financial Planner Paul Corner has moonlighted for many years as an adviser to The Pensions Advisory Service and to The Pensions Ombudsman, helping to unravel and hopefully resolve complex pension disputes. Paul’s caseload predominantly involves SIPPs (Self Invested Personal Pensions) and SSAS (Small Self Administered Schemes); however, yesterday (24 June […]

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day 2020 falls on Saturday 27th June. What’s it about? Armed Forces Day is a chance to show your support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community: from currently serving troops to Service families, veterans and cadets. There are many ways for people, communities and organisations across the […]

COVID update – VE DAY

VE DAY +75 To provide greater access during the COVID lockdown, we’re manning our ‘phones and video-chat facilities until late afternoon today, the VE DAY 75 bank holiday

Expert help in difficult times – Emergency Financial Advice

If you are over the age of 50 and concerned or anxious about your pension or other aspects of your personal finances because of the coronavirus crises you should speak to a financial adviser. We are offering a free initial discussion with a regulated financial adviser. Book a call now at WHAT IS EMERGENCY […]

coronavirus financial concerns

Aegon research highlights financial concerns over coronavirus Aegon has launched a tracker survey to better understand how savers and investors are behaving as a result of the coronavirus and the ensuing market volatility. The survey* of more than 1,100 consumers, conducted at the end of March, shows that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is […]

Property fund suspensions..?

M&G’s property funds have been suspended since December last year, and this month some £12.8billion of investor’s money has been frozen across various other property funds. Why is this? To increase consumer protection, the city regulator, The Financial Conduct Authority, introduced a rule last year which required  property funds to automatically suspend additional contributions and […]

We’re working through coronavirus

Extreme market volatility and the anxieties of the coronavirus COVID-19 create the perfect storm during which current and future clients need the support of trusted, Independent Financial Advisers. Our business resilience plan is now in operation and we aim to maintain our response times and service levels during these challenging times when our clients need […]

Worried about coronavirus or climate change?

With increasing public concern about the transmission (spreading) of covid19 coronavirus and heightened awareness of the global climate crises we thought we’d remind current and prospective clients that we’re happy to ‘meet’ in the virtual world using an assortment of video conferencing tools which allow live sharing of documents and whist also being to look […]

Retirement, the great adventure?

Quality financial planning can guide you along the path so your retirement is the beginning of a great adventure. However, The Schroders 2018 Global Investor Study found that there is a significant gap between people’s retirement expectations and the financial realities of retirement. Schroders found that people expect their basic living expenses to absorb 38% […]

measure, take profit, cut losses, reinvest

Our Ransom Hall head office is located in Ransom Wood, part of historic Sherwood Forest. A perk of working here is the ability to step out of the office straight into nature which we’ve done today. We took this photo a little deeper in #sherwoodforest, an area called #sherwoodpines. These trees weren’t felled last week […]

Your savings, investments and pensions CAN make a difference for a better world

Everyday #savings, #investments and #pensions CAN make a difference: The UK government (@DFID_UK) “Investing in a Better World” survey sampled a nationally representative sample of 6,000 people to find out more about the UK’s interest in investing in ways which also achieve the @GlobalGoalsUN 17 sustainable development goals and found the majority of UK consumers […]

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